Lounge Reservation

Reservation of the UHC Lounge/Community Room is limited to current owners/residents.

Instructions to reserve lounge:
1. Put refundable deposit check to Urban Abode located in Suite A ($50 — made payable to University Hall Condominium). Your reservation will be approved upon receipt of deposit.
2. Complete all requested information in form below.
3. In “Details” Section, list the following information:

  • Unit #.
  • Event Start Time.
  • Event End Time.
  • Type of function.
  • Will there be food/beverages served.
  • Fob #. This is needed to provide access to the lounge.

4. After your reservation, email board@universityhallcondominiums.com to receive your refundable deposit. Once the board approves the appearance of the lounge, your deposit will be returned. Deposits in the form of money orders will NOT be processed and returned in your name. The same money order provided as a deposit will be returned.

By completing this form, you agree to the following Terms of Use and conditions for reserving the lounge:

  • UHC Lounge-Community Room may only be reserved/utilized by current owners/residents for private functions. The owner/resident must attend the function the entire time.
  • Normal capacity of the Lounge-Community Room is fifty (50) persons.
  • Owner/resident (or caterer) is responsible for setting up all tables, chairs, etc.
  • All functions must end by 12:00 midnight.
  • Music and noise is to be kept at reasonable levels so as not to disturb other residents and the door should remained closed during your reservation. Propping the door just enough to keep it from locking is acceptable.
  • Guests will not linger in the hallway, lobby or other common areas inside the building to minimize noise disturbances.
  • Children must be under adult supervision when in the hallways—this is not a play area.
  • Facilities must be left in the same, or better, condition as found. Tables, chairs, other items must be returned to their original space; the floor must be swept and mopped if necessary; the refrigerator must be emptied; bathroom must be cleaned
  • All University Hall Condominium Rules and Regulations shall be followed.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in lounge or any common areas. Smokers must be 25 feet from the building outside.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your guests comply with the building rules and regulations.
  • Air conditioners MUST be turned off before exiting the lounge. The thermostat in the lounge controls the heat for the building and will cause the heat to kick in unnecessarily if left running.

Failure to follow any of the rules above will automatically forfeit your deposit.

NOTE: The fourth Tuesday of every month is reserved for Condo Association meetings. Even if the date on the calendar appears to be free, the lounge will not be available for your use starting at 7pm.

Click on the day you want to reserve the lounge, then complete form below:

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